Location 8 – Paul Wellstone for U.S. Senate (1990)

Phone number to listen to campaign memories about this space:

(651) 447-5912

People included on this phone line: Dan Cramer (campaign worker in 1990) and Terry Gydesen (photographer for the 1990 and 1996 campaigns).

Dan Cramer – about the office – wonderful mess:

Dan Cramer – day 1 audio clip:

Terry Gydesen – day 2 audio clip:

Additional audio clips will be added to this page after the live phones are taken offline.

I am delighted that we were able to base the Corey Dor office in what was half of the original 1990 office for Paul Wellstone’s first U.S. Senate campaign (thanks to the The Starling Project). Wellstone won the 1990 U.S. Senate race against Rudy Boschwitz; it was a race he was not initially expected to win and he did so through a huge and concerted grassroots effort. This particular shopfront was also home to the Minnesota Freeze anti-nuclear campaign in the early 1980s as well so it has a rich history as a campaign/cause space. When the Wellstone campaign started up in 2401 there were only a few volunteers working there, however once Wellstone attained the DFL party endorsement the campaign suddenly needed a lot more space in order to accomodate their needs (space for volunteers to collate mailers, yardsigns, calling areas). To achieve this they booked the space next door 2399 (now The Edge coffee shop) and literally knocked a hole through the wall and that at doubled the space in size.

Wellstone Office 1990

2401 was the first half of Paul Wellstone’s Office in 1990, the space next door 2399 would later become part of the same office. 2401 is where the Corey Dor project is based.

Some of the aspects that I have tried to emphasize in my historical exploration of this space are elements of the architecture which has changed since 1990 (working from Terry Gydesen’s photographs). So the aforementioned, hole in the wall, is one and there is also used to be a window into the office which Wellstone used for calling. Evidence of these elements can still be seen if you look for them. I have included images of my explorations in the space below.

This is where the door used to be leading to 2399 University. I did my best to figure out where the door was on the other side of the wall in the coffee shop as well (see images further down this page).

This where I think the “hole in the wall” door was on the other side inside The Edge coffee shop.

This is where the window into Wellstone’s office was in 1990.

Other businesses which I have found in The Park Bugle which have occupied the 2399 and 2401 spaces over the years:

I have found ads from ’92, ’93 and ’94 for this coffeehouse in 2399. The Dawkins campaign crew used to get coffee and food here.

This ad is from March 1992. Evenstar stayed in the space until early 2009.



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