Location 7 – Paul Wellstone for U.S. Senate (1996 and 2002) and Kerry/Edwards Presidential Campaign (2004)

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Wellstone’s Offices:


This is actually the tale of two offices which were very close to one another and used during separate campaigns (not quite as close as the 1990 offices though). My estimation of the address for the 1996 Wellstone campaign office is 2293 University Ave, this building no longer exists, having been demolished in fall 2005; I have indicated the old building in the image below with a purple rectangle. The whole area between Carleton Ave and Hampden Ave was at that time occupied by many more warehouse/industrial buildings and you get a feel for that in the image below. In 1990 Wellstone ran against Rudy Boschwitz and initially was not expected to win, in 1996 Senator Wellstone was the incumbent and Boschwitz was pretty determined to win his seat back. He did not succeed in this venture.


The purple square on the right-hand side of the image shows the 1996 office. This image shows the exterior of 2002 Wellstone office as a makeshift memorial after the Senator’s death in a plane crash in October 2002.


In 2002 Wellstone ran for a third term in office, Norm Coleman (R) was running against him. His office at that time was based in what is now referred to as the “A” building as part of Carleton Artist Lofts, an extensive renovation-to-residential project which was completed in 2006. Prior to Wellstone’s campaign the building had been used as a liquor warehouse. On October 25, 2002 the plane carrying Wellstone, his wife sheila and daughter Marcia, his driver, two campaign staffers and the two pilots went down while en route to Eveleth Minnesota, all perished. This profoundly sad event, which occurred just days prior to the election, is recorded in the image at the bottom of the page, where the outside of the campaign office became a memorial; this was an incredibly sad time as the Wellstones were extraordinary people and public servants who touched the lives of many across Minnesota and the U.S.

Wellstone Office

This was the site of the Wellstone Office 2001 – 2002


Kerry/Edwards 2004

John Kerry and John Edwards were the democratic hopefuls for the presidencial ticket in 2004, running against George W. Bush. They used the former Wellstone office space as their Minnesota campaign headquarters, opening on July 21st, 2004.

Images from 4President.org: http://www.4president.org/kerryedwardsmnhq.htm



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