Location 6 – Andy Dawkins for Mayor (1993)

Phone number to listen to campaign memories about this space:

(651) 447-5960

Jane Prince – Day 1 – audio clip:

Jane Prince – Day 2 – audio clip:

Jane Prince – Day 3 – audio clip:

Jane Prince – Day 4 – audio clip:

Additional audio clips will be added to this page after the live phones are taken offline.

2161 University Ave W as it is today.

Former Dawkins campaign manager, Jane Prince recalled that the “PIRTEK” section of the building was used for volunteer training and functions and the other side of the building (with the narrow windows) was where the offices were located. 2161 later became the site of two additional campaigns in 1994: John Marty for Governor and Tom Berg for U.S. Senate. Berg was seeking the DFL party nomination in 1994, but was unsuccessful. Despite a hard fought campaign Andy Dawkin’s lost the mayoral race in 1993 to Norm Coleman who would hold office for the next eight years (1994 – 2002). Norm Coleman changed his party affiliation from the DFL (Democratic Farmer Labor) to Republican during his first term in 1996. John Marty’s 1994 bid for governor was also unsuccessful running against Republican incumbent, Arne Carlson.

Excerpt of an interview with Jane Prince – Recycling:

Andrew J. “Andy” Dawkins
Minnesota Legislative Session: 77th (1991-1992)


St. Anthony Park Bugle Sept 1993, p8 – ad


St. Anthony Park Bugle Nov 1993, p1 http://www.parkbugle.org/


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