Location 3 – John Marty for Governor (2010)

John Marty has had a long and accomplished career in the Minnesota Legislature, serving as senator for District 63 from 1987-92 and District 54 from 1993 – present. Marty made his first bid for Governor in 1994, moving into the office which was formerly occupied by Andy Dawkin’s campaign; 2161 University Ave. He lost that race to, then gubernatorial incumbent Arne Carlson. Four years later in 1998 Marty was one of several DFL candidates to enter the gubanatorial race for the party endorsement; that year the DFL selected Skip Humphrey to represent the party in the election. Humphrey’s office was also stationed on University Avenue, although it was located in Minneapolis at approximately, 2785 University Ave SE (next to what is currently one of the 2012 Obama offices). Humphrey lost to Jesse Ventura in 1998. In fact a lot of gubernatorial hopefuls were based on University Avenue that year: Norm Coleman, Mike Freeman and Mark Dayton (who successfully became our governor in 2011).

Here is a picture of Marty when he was senator in District 63 in 1992. I think that he kind of looks cool, like a detective in this picture. He is shown with Rep. Alice Hausman.

John Marty and Alice Hausman


The Chittenden and Eastman Building:

the building that Marty chose to call home, the Chittenden and Eastman Building has a rich history. The building was erected in 1915 by a company which specialized in furniture sales. This family-run furniture business flourished for some years and the building was known as the Burg building, after the family name. In 1927, a larger gig came to town, Chittenden and Eastman, a company hailing from Iowa. Burg continued to use the building but on a far reduced scale . a historic preservation document (referenced below) details how Chittenden and Eastman used the seven-story space as sizable furniture showroom.

Marty Office

Chittenden & Eastman Building, 2402 Univesity Ave W. Occupancy: approximately 2009 and 2010


The Chittenden and Eastman building is currently in the midst of renovation in order to become the new C&E lofts. The owner of the building kindly gave me permission to post the images below.

C&E building



Here is an interesting video from 2010 when Marty announced his bid for Governor.




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