Location 2 – Al Franken for U.S. Senate (2008)

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Al Franken (Circa 2009)

Al Franken (Circa 2009)

Al Franken ran for the U.S. Senate in 2008. The race between Franken and Republican incumbent, Norm Coleman was so close, less than 0.5%, that a recount was called by state mandate. Due to the recount process the campaign office had to stay in high gear for months after the election and as one former campaign staffer put it, “it was the infinitely expanding campaign”. The Westgate IV complex, where Franken was based, was constructed not long after the Court International building (Norm Coleman’s office location) was renovated, both would seem to be prime real-estate for those passing along this busy corridor between Minneapolis and St. Paul.

Franken Office

The Franken Office as it looked in 2008. Occupany period: approximately 2007-2009. Photo by Tucker MacNeill


Former Franken Office as it looks today (office was at the far left end of what is shown in this image). Photo by Fiona MacNeill


The Park Bugle, Westgate construction begins, 09/89

The Park Bugle, Westgate construction begins, 09/89


Senator Franken also has an impressive party piece; he can draw a map of the United States freehand.


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