Location 1 – Norm Coleman for U.S. Senate (2008)

Norm Coleman’s Office was in Suite 100N from approximately 2006 – 2009

Norm Coleman was the 52nd Mayor of St. Paul from 1994 – 2002 and U.S. Senator for Minnesota from  2003 to 2009 [SEE Location 6 – Andy Dawkins (1993)]. He was succeeded in the role by Sen. Al Franken in 2009, but not until the conclusion of a ballot recount, mandated by Minnesota law if the margin between the leading candidates is less than 0.5% (in Coleman and Franken’s case it was close to 0.1%). The 246 day recount period was punctuated by legal battles and anecdotally, a level of friction on either side of University Ave (Franken’s office was almost directly opposite across University at 2575 – SEE Location 2). Supporters/Protestors from both sides would occasionally inhabit the traffic median in the middle of University. Several years prior to Coleman’s residence in suite 100N in the Court International building, it had been Paul Wellstone’s district office (office in MN, in addition to his office in Washington).

Norm Coleman in 2005

 Court International Building

According to an article in February, 1989 issue of the St. Anthony Park Bugle. The Court International building was built in 1915 for the Willys Overland Co. who were the inventors of Jeep. As a consequence of this ownership it was originally known as the Overland building until it was purchased by International Harvester 1928, at that time becoming a warehouse for the heavy farm machinery for next 50 years. The aforementioned article cites the reduction of the farm economy in the 1970s for the eventual demise of International Harvester’s operations. In 1983, the architects who were responsible for the renovation of the Baker School on Raymond Ave (now Baker Court Office building), purchased the building and began a year-long renovation process (architectural firm: Ankeny, Kell and Richter). The building was subsequently rehabilitated as office spaces and mixed use spaces, over the years it has housed a variety of different enterprises; shops, a fitness center, legal services etc. – Original article A visit to the Court by Tara Christopherson for The St. Anthony Park Bugle in February 1989.

The Court International building’s interior atrium pictured in 1989 not long after renovation. www.parkbugle.org


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