Artist Announcements: Terry Gydesen, Avye Alexandres, Tucker MacNeill

Even though it is pretty much common knowledge at this point, I am using this site to announce the artists who are taking part in the exhibition/micro-museum aspect of The Corey Dor for The House campaign. It is my pleasure to announce that Terry Gydesen, Avye Alexandres and Tucker MacNeill are all part of the Corey Dor office at 2401 University Ave.

Terry Gydesen

Gydesen is an accomplished freelance photographer whose work has been featured in The New York Times and Newsweek amongst many other national and local publications. In 2003 she produced a book entitled Twelve Years and Thirteen Days: Remembering Paul and Sheila Wellstone which celebrated the lives of the Wellstones, their campaign journeys and their commitment to public service. Her book has been an important reference resource for this show and I am eternally grateful and honored to be able to include Gydesen’s images of the Wellstone, Obama and Franken offices in this project. Gydesen has received several awards including the McKnight Foundation Fellowship in 2004 and the Minnesota State Arts Board individual artist grant.

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Avye Alexandres

Alexandres is a photographer and multidisciplinary, originally from Athens Greece. Her work frequently traverses several forms of media and frequently focuses on themes of memory, perception and discovery. Alexandres’ series, RNC, St. Paul, MN is featured in this show as documentation of a defining moment politically for many Minnesotans, particularly those of us who were in downtown St. Paul that day. Alexandres has been the recipient of several awards including a commission from Northern Lights as part of the Artists On the Verge series as well as being a two-time recipient of the Red Eye Theater Works-in-Progress fellowship. She has exhibited at the Weisman Art Museum, Spotart, Concordia Galleries and created performance work for Artery at The Soap Factory.

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Tucker MacNeill

MacNeill is a photographer, whose preferred subjects are on the streets/spaces of cities, towns and hamlets; locally, nationally and internationally. Driven by the desire to capture moments in time, MacNeill documented aspects of University Ave during the 07-08 election build-up and his photographs provided part of the inspiration for me to produce Corey Dor’s Office, a primarily photographic show. MacNeill is a self-described and proven techie-guy and has been a solid collaborator of mine for several years in addition to being my spouse. Technical credits include several stage management positions for performance art pieces as well as being a co-curator on Artery 24 in 2009. MacNeill is a committed arts and new media educator and continues to innovate in this area through his day job. This is the first show that I have ever curated which contains MacNeill’s work in its purest form, photography and he cannot believe that his work is appearing alongside Gydesen’s because he has found her work inspirational for many years.

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 …and as much as I dislike doing this, here is a blurb about me.

Fiona MacNeill

F. MacNeill is a performance and new media artist and freelance curator. Her work is concerned with history, technology, the under-investigated and the modern mundane. MacNeill frequently inhabits roles of her own making, society’s making or within the work of other artists/directors and has appeared on stage at, Bryant Lake Bowl, the Southern Theater and with Lamb Lays with Lion theater company. MacNeill’s visual artworks have been shown at SoHo Gallery for Digital Art (NYC), The Soap Factory, Herbert Read Gallery, Metropole Galleries and Margate Rocks Festival. MacNeill’s curatorial work includes Artery, a trilogy of 24hr-long events spanning three years, featuring performance and new media artworks created specifically for The Soap Factory space.

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Sign temporarily AWOL

Fiona noticed that one of the signs is AWOL, luckily we have a replacement. Carleton Ave will have a sign again later on this afternoon…


My Office Opening Reception/Party

Hello All, Corey here. I do hope that you can come along to my opening reception this Saturday at my Office: 2401 University Ave W. We shall have some niblets and libations available.

Party Corey

One of my assistants took this with one of those vintage camera app-thingies, during our last office party. I thought it seemed appropriate.


Visit to offices, last Saturday

I thought that I would visit campaign offices in order to better understand how they work. I visited the new St. Paul Obama office, 930A Selby (appropriately on Obama’s birthday) and the DFL coordinated campaign office, 545 West 7th (although I didn’t find anyone in the coordinated office that day).

The new St. Paul, Obama office, complete with fabulous mural.

DFL Coordinated Campaign Office

DFL Coordinated Campaign Office

Inaugural post: what this blog will be for…

Greetings and welcome to the Corey Dor for The House site. This is just a quick post to tell you how the blog part of this site will be used. Over the past two months I have been on a research frenzy, interviewing, visiting and foraging at the Minnesota History Center and local libraries. I have many discoveries to recount and photographs to share and starting from tomorrow I shall start blogging about it. All this research is really going to help me as I set about organizing Corey’s future storefront (2401 University Ave, opens on Thursday Aug 23rd). In the meantime I leave you with an image of Corey’s first-ever miniature lawn sign, if you would like one for your lawn, please visit the “Get Involved” page and indicate your interest.

Corey Dor sign

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