The preservation of history is a cause very close to my heart and as your future representative I promise to make it one of my key priorities. Originally from New Prague, I chose Saint Paul as my home due to the City’s rich regard for history and historical architecture. Unlike Minneapolis, Saint Paul treasures it’s old wrecks and one day when I become one of those myself, I hope to be treated the same way. I was alarmed to find out though that the rich history of campaign offices on University Ave had not been fully documented; for many of the offices it was as if they had never been there. Believe me, I made inquiries with the Minnesota Secretary of State’s Office and the Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board, but neither body was keeping track of the lowly campaign office. As a result of this discovery I felt that it was not only my duty to run for office, but also to collaborate with Fiona MacNeill to make my campaign headquarters a homage and testament to all campaign headquarters which are gone but should not be forgotten.


My dear old history teacher, Mrs. Legget, in 3rd grade always told me that the best historical events, feature triumph over adversity; stories where something was ventured and then something was gained, but only after great trials and tribulations. My philosophy is that you must try your hardest to overcome the challenges that life throws at you, but that isn’t to say that everyone starts on an even playing-field and we much support those around us who need extra help to succeed. Making sure that every Minnesotan gets access to good education is one of my key priorities.


Collaboration is the cure of many ills and one of my favorite things about living in Saint Paul is the wonderful neighborhood atmosphere. Folks here care for the  shared spaces around them and the legacy that they leave for future generations. I have been involved in community organization my whole life and my Campaign Manager, Fiona brings a wealth of experience in arts organization to my campaign. It is my firm believe that strong funding for community initiatives stems growth for all and if you elect me as your representative I shall echo this mantra throughout the halls of the Capitol.


I have dear friends who are artists, who helped me to realize that art can be for everyone and this aligned with my ideas about politics so I decided that my campaign should have a strong artistic emphasis; from both aesthetic and investigative angles. After all art is not just about providing something pleasurable to look at, but it is also there to help us to understand and un-package the world around us and that is part of my goal with my unconventional campaign office/museum.

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