This the site for Corey Dor’s run for the Minnesota House in 2012. It is also a living archive of a research project undertaken by artist and campaign manager, Fiona MacNeill. This site is designed to provide information related to the history of Campaign Offices on University Ave W. in St. Paul, Minnesota. This project is supported by Irrigate.

What is Corey Dor for The House?

  • A historical wayfinding activity; a political campaign office; research base and micro-museum
  • Project Dates: Thursday, August 23rd – Sunday, 26th
    • Opening hours
    • Thurs + Fri: 3pm – 9pm…..
    • Sat: 12pm − 11pm
      [SATURDAY RECEPTION PARTY: 6pm – 11pm] 
    • Sun: 12pm − 6pm
  • Historical Wayfinding various locations which used to political campaign offices – The MapCampaign Office St. Anthony Park Pop-up Shop, 2401 University Ave W., St. Paul
  • Admission: democratically FREE
The map for the locations of interest tour

View Irrigate Project Map – St. Anthony Park Campaign Offices and Places of Political Interest in a larger map

Irrigate is an artist-led creative placemaking initiative spanning the six miles of the Central Corridor Light Rail line in Saint Paul during the years of its construction. Artists collaborate with businesses, organizations and community groups to change the landscape of the corridor with color, art, surprise, creativity and fun. Irrigate is a partnership between the City of Saint Paul,Twin Cities Local Initiatives Support Corporation and Springboard for the Arts.

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