complete exhibition/performance list


Corey Dor for The House
| A Historical and Performative Investigation of Politics and Causes on University Ave in St.
Anthony Park.
August 23rd – 26th, 2012
St. Anthony Park Pop-up Shop, St. Paul, MN 

A historical wayfinding activity; a political campaign office; research base and micro-museum

Corey Dor Portrait
Sensation: Performance Inspired by the 80s TV Show Solid Gold | Contributing ArtistCurator: Jaime Carrera
Performances: April 22nd and 29th, 2012
Bryant Lake Bowl Theater, Minneapolis, MN
Original work. 

Title: Take Your Passion, And Make It Happen”
“…tells the, until now, untold tale of the Solid Gold stagehand; her hopes, dreams and mistakes.” – from program description.

take your passion...
Dungeons and Dragons: On & Ever Onward | Group ExhibitionCurator: Timothy Hutchings
January 4 and 5, 2012
Soho Gallery for Digital Art, NYC 

Digital display of illustration originally created for the Cursed Chateau group show.

FEMININE VENOM | Lamb Lays with Lion (theater company) | ActressWritten & Directed by Jeremey Catterton
Performances: Mar 31, April 1, 2, 7, 8, 9
Warehouse space near Nick and Eddie in Loring Park, Minneapolis, MN 

Experimental theater piece based upon the “Women in Prison” genre of exploitation movies.

feminine venom still
Artery Twentyten | Artery24 2009 | Artery 24 – twenty-four hours of performance and media art.Curator/Concept
July 29, 30, 31, and August 1, 2010 | The Soap Factory
July 24-25, 6pm to 6pm, 2009 | The Soap Factory
July 5, 6, 2008 | The Soap Factory 

The Artery performance trilogy featured over 100 performance and new media artists who created works for and within The Soap Factory space.

artery24 2008 logoartery 24 2009 logo 

artery2010 logo

The Monster Drawing Rally | Contributing ArtistDec 12, 2009 | Midway Contemporary Art  
The Cursed Chateau | Artist | Group ExhibitionCurated by: Tim Hutchings
Aug 14 – Sept 26, 2009 | Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art 

Title: The Depraved Tapestries
Pen and ink drawing based on concepts from Dungeons and Dragons.


exhibition postcard – Tim Hutchings

Artery 24, 2009 | Artist | Performance FestivalJuly 25, 2009 | Solo performance | The Soap Factory
Curated by: Fiona MacNeill, Kristina Fong, Tucker MacNeill 

Title: W.A.S.P.

MINIMAL/MANIMAL | Artist | Group ExhibitionNov 15 – 30, 2008 | Solo performance | The Soap Factory
Curated by: Kristina Fong, Ben Garthus, Gabe Strader-Brown, and Gary Wolfe. 

Title: McCainal Retention (before Sarah there was Moira).
Multimedia peformance/installation piece featuring character, Moira Doyle.

mccainal retention installation still
Artery 24, 2008 | Artist | Performance FestivalJuly 6, 2008 | Solo performance | The Soap Factory
Curated by: Fiona MacNeill, Kristina Fong, Annie Rollins 

Title: 99 Red Balloons/99 Red Buffoons
Multimedia peformance piece featuring character, Moira Doyle.

A Bird in the Sky: School of Behavioural Arts (Marcus Young) | Dancer2008 | Various locations including the Republican National Convention in Saint Paul.  
The Earth from Above | Artist | Group ExhibitionOct, 2006 | Solo performance | The Soap Factory
Curated by: Andy Sturdevant, Sergio Vucci, Lisa Grunwald 

Title: Untitled 0.1
Multimedia peformance piece featuring character, Moira Doyle.

Sculpture at Canterbury Exhibition | Artist | Group ExhibitionOct 9 – Nov 19, 2005 | Herbert Read Gallery, Kent, UK 

Title: Public Speaker No. 9
Multimedia sculpture from found object.

public speaker_sculpture at Canterbury
Margate Rocks | Artist | Thanet Contemporary Arts FestivalJuly 23 – 30, 2005 | The New Media Centre, Kent, UK | Juried 

Title: An Ode to Sonny and Cher
Video Installation with two monitors and sound.

still_sonny and cher
Graduates 05 | Artist | Group ExhibitionJuly 16 – Aug 21, 2005 | The Metropole Galleries, Kent, UK Juried 

Title: Sonata: the chain of communication
Live performance and sound installation.

K – Graduating Degree Show of 2005 | ArtistGroup Exhibition
June 27 – July 8, 2005 | Kent Institute of Art and Design, Kent, UK 

Title: Sonata: the chain of communication
Live performance and sound installation.

Not For Human Consumption | Artist | joint exhibition with Sandra PearsonNov 1, 2004 | Solo performance | The Goods Shed, Kent, UK
Curator: Lucy Panesar 

Title: A ‘Scoring’ Board Performance
Live performance with sound.

Observation + Perception + Reaction + Objection =…tion?Co-curator | ArtistFeb 16 – 19, 2004 | The Tap n’ Tin, Kent, UK 

Title: Untitled
Live performance and video installation.