Take your passion, and make it happen (2012)

Take your passion, and make it happen (2012) was an original performance piece for Sensation: Performance Inspired by the 80s TV Show Solid Gold at the Bryant Lake Bowl, curated by Jaime Carrera. This work was about failure and was born from failure. The work featured a juxtaposition of half successfully executed 1980s dances (Flashdance, safety dance etc.) against the backdrop of timed video of period-appropriate advertisements. The adverts signified the synthetic promise of the era; everyone felt they could aspire to be affluent and could dream extravagant dreams. In my view this period was a highpoint of a Western “dream” prior to the gradient slump which would follow from 1987 onwards. As a Brit, my perspective on the 80s was less optimistic, remembering the minors strikes and unrest in the North East of England. Initially I was to create a satirical puppet for this show (in the vein of Spitting Image), but when the construction of the puppet failed Take your passion… emerged from the ashes.