Motif Radio: Show 4 Wed, 5 April 2006 1:07 AM

motif radio

Featured Artist: Shem Booth-Spain

To check out more of Shem’s work and his research visit his website: Order:

1. Dystopiano – Fiona MacNeill
2. Future Jam – Shem Booth-Spain, Album: Gemini Critical Mass
3. Beer, a poem adapted from Paul Atreides speech in the movie Dune by Drew Nerdahl.
4. The Hacker – Shem Booth-Spain, Album: Gemini Critical Mass
5. Computer game medley, unknown sources, music written from memory – Fiona MacNeill

6. Feature: Motif Radio A.W.O.L.

Original music entitled 3zy – Fiona MacNeillShort sample: There She Goes excerpt The La’s, Album: The La’s (Remastered with bonus tracks, 2001)

Feature Notes: We were under legal drinking limits in order to drive in the U.S.Yes I know that Jane Goodall studied Gorillas, she wasn’t an anthropologist.

Since doing A.W.O.L. I realised that the portrait that I was referring to only had three surgeons in it, not four.A great quote from a scientist on art

‘Art can be described as an expression of the beauty, the tragedy, and the complexity of the human condition. Central to expressing this complexity is the need to explore our sense of place and purpose in the world. If the discoveries of science are viewed by the layperson as detached from this calling, then one would never expect science to inspire an artist’s creativity–or, more specifically, one would never expect an artist to be attracted to scientific themes.’ Neil de Grasse Tysonde Grasse Tyson, N. (2000). A cosmic muse – the similarities of art and science – Brief Article [Internet] December. London. Available from:[Accessed 29 March 2005]


A very good essay on the subject: ‘Creative Encounters’ by Amanda McDonald Crowley

An interesting webpage on the subject written by scientists: ‘At the Intersection of Science’

Directory of art/sci orgs + grant info: Wellcome grant Directory

Good exhibition write up from the BBC ‘Beautiful science inspires artists’ to read it click Here.


Two artists, who like Shem are influenced by Science fact and fiction, dystopias etc.

Paul Noble’s Utopias Brown, who has painted detailed utopian landscapes based upon science fiction illustrations. Brown was shortlisted for the Turner prize in 2000

Random sample: William Shatner in William Shatner’s parody of Seven...Thanks to, Tucker and Drew this week. All works attributed to Shem are Copyright © Shem Booth-Spain 2004-2006.