Motif Radio: Experimental Art March 07, 2006 11:02 PM

Motif Radio – Show 2

We introduce our first ever, featured artist: The DOCTOr aka Richard Cobelli.
Richard’s website:
Running order:
BushTalk – Fiona MacNeill
Howdell – The DOCTOr
What it feels like to die – The DOCTOr
(Incorrectly labelled as ‘What it feels like to be dead’ in the show. Motif Radio apologizes to the artist for this mistake).
Part 2 – The DOCTOr
Part 18 – The DOCTOr
Part 22 – The DOCTOr
Part 24 – The DOCTOr
A side-effect list – Two Artists
My Love – The DOCTOr
Womely Wanderings – The DOCTOr
A business list – Two Artists
Get on Down – The DOCTOr

ABC source:
“William Shatner, 1965, in the first American movie (‘Incubus’) using the “universal” language, Esperanto.”